My perspective on therapy originates from my belief that every individual is valuable and unique.

I see my role as a non-judgmental, understanding and supportive listener who can utilize effective, clinically proven mental health tools.

My aim is to facilitate self-awareness, strength, and resiliency, proactively maintaining mental health in order to successfully navigate life’s challenges. 

I operate from a trauma informed perspective. Please visit the Trauma Informed Care page to see an image that captures this perspective.

Rather than being locked in to one therapeutic approach, I work with my clients using the best mix of clinically proven tools for their unique problems.

I currently treat adults and adolescents at my practice in Orangeville, at 10 Zina Street.

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About Me...

Sarah Hallett  B.A. Hons. M.Psy

705 794-8943  10 ZINA STREET, ORANGEVILLE, ON, L9W 1E1